Need Home Cook Help? Power Blenders Can Do

power blenders

There are certain appliances that shouldn’t be absent in a modern kitchen. One such appliance is a blender. This is a kitchen appliance for mixing, dicing, blending or generally changing the physical state of food and other substance into desired outputs. There is a high chance you have heard of power blenders, right? So you’re probably thinking right now; what exactly is the difference between a regular, every day blender and a power blender? Well, before you go running off to the nearest store in search of a power blender, here is something you should know first: Power blenders are no different than your regular blender; only it’s known for high performance because of its horsepower.


This means before you can tag a blender as a power blender, it should at least have a motor above one horse power (1HP). Horsepower generally refers to the amount of power the motor of a blender is able to generate. So if you need one of those power blenders, simply look out for the HP which should be somewhere visible on the package box, and make sure it’s above 1HP (the higher the better).


Bear in mind, it’s not only horsepower that’s factored in with power blenders. The wattage of the appliance also matters. This is so because the amount of current being converted into energy that turns the blades (for mixing, chopping, blending, etc.) is what determines the horsepower of the appliance.


Rotating speeds of up to 25,000 rpm are feasible with high performing blenders. Indeed, more power means you can do a whole lot more with your blender like, crush hard nuts into soft and succulent butter; make tasty smoothies from your favorite fruits and vegetables, and blend seeds for its nourishing components.


For all the great reasons above and more, consider buying a high performing blender (power blenders) the next time you go shopping for one. They come highly recommended for all your food varieties.